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What is the cost of diagnostics / cost estimate?

Our cost estimate and diagnostics for MacBook repairs are completely free of charge. We offer this free service to provide you with a transparent and fair assessment of the costs involved. If you require an official report (e.g., for an insurance case), there will be a fee of 70€. This is usually covered by insurance.

Why choose RipperDoc?

RipperDoc Mac and PC Repair Shop is founded by me, Alexey Lavrov, also known as @inwerp (this site is not written purely for SEO to trick Google; I actually created all content myself). I am a community/self-taught technician with over 5 years of experience, moderator and member of the Rossmann Repair Group Discord (All Things Repair), and author of educational articles on well-known MacBook-oriented resources such as and I fix Macs and PCs for a living, and it’s enjoyable enough not to have any other hobbies.

MacBook Repair Price List

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SSD upgrade for modern MacBooks with integrated SSD chips, including data transfer and operating system installation. We also offer upgrades for older models with replaceable SSDs.

Logicboard Repair

from €119 to €589

Component-level MacBook logic board repair with in-depth schematic analysis.

Water Damage Repair

from €119 to €589

Our Apple-certified technicians offer professional MacBook water damage repair, including display cleaning, keyboard repair, and logic board restoration. We ensure the original functionality of your device with efficient solutions.

Component Replacement

€119 + material costs

Level 1: Simple component replacement
(Display unit, battery, speakers, trackpad, touch bar, logic board)

Component Replacement 2

€239 + material costs

Slightly more complicated assembly with know-how techniques
(LCD separately, integrated keyboard, camera)

Display Replacement

from €239 to €589

LCD or unit replacement. We also offer LCD refurbishing.



Flex cable repair with lifetime warranty.



Flex cable replacement with 1 year warranty.

Mac Data Recovery

from €119 to €589

If your data is more valuable than your MacBook, we try all possible methods to recover your data. Including CPU replacement, SSD transfer to a healthy logic board, and our exclusive methods for T2 Macs.

MacBook Display Cover (Logoboard) Replacement

Our Videos:

MacBook Pro A1708 USB C Reparatur This type of repair is quite common and requires a lot of skill. Similar to professional music, a skillful execution looks very simple and straightforward. This is due to the absence of incorrect or chaotic movements. MacBook Air Wasserschaden Reinigung und Reparatur Sometimes a single drop can ruin an entire MacBook. But this device survived a flood catastrophe in 2021. MacBook Pro Tastatur Reparatur Professional replacement of the MacBook keyboard requires care, systematic approach, and experience.

the Repair of the MacBook Logic Board

In the world of MacBooks, the logic board is the heart that determines the fate of your device. Given its complexity and the thousands of small parts it houses, one might easily assume that any malfunction is a death sentence. However, thanks to the skills and systematic approach of repair technicians, the faulty component that is preventing your MacBook from reaching its full potential can often be identified. This process not only saves your device from becoming electronic waste but also provides an economically viable solution.

The Complexity of Logic Boards

Understanding a MacBook logic board is like taking a glimpse into a miniature city where every chip, every trace, and every capacitor plays a crucial role. From the speed of your processor to power management, all of it relies on the flawless functioning of each individual part. But what happens when something goes wrong?

The Value of Expert Diagnosis

This is where repair technicians come into play. With their expertise and systematic analytical skills, they are able to pinpoint the exact defect - be it a tiny resistor or a 0.1mm capacitor that may only cost a few cents. Considering that a logic board can easily cost over €1000, it quickly becomes apparent how valuable precise diagnosis and repair can be.

The Repair Process

Diagnosis often begins with a visual inspection, followed by the use of specialized diagnostic tools to help narrow down the problem to a specific area or even a single component. The path to a solution requires a deep understanding of the logic board’s schematics and a steady hand to perform the necessary repairs.

Repair Costs

The costs of repair can vary greatly and are directly related to the difficulty of identifying and fixing the problem. While some repairs may be relatively simple, others may require extensive work and expertise, which is reflected in the price.

The Value Proposition

Opting for a repair instead of a complete replacement not only offers significant cost savings but also supports environmental conservation through the reuse of electronics. It is a smart move that benefits both your wallet and the planet.

In summary, properly assessing and repairing your MacBook logic board is a compelling choice to extend the lifespan of your device while promoting a more sustainable approach to our technological resources.

FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to repair a MacBook?

MacBook repair costs start at €119 and go up to €589 with exact costs depending on the nature of the problem and required replacement parts. Contact us for an accurate estimate.

How long does an Apple MacBook repair take?

Repair time depends on the problem and the availability of parts, usually 1-3 business days. More complex cases may take longer.

Can MacBook screens be repaired?

Yes, we repair MacBook screens. We fix Flexgate (stage-light backlight issue) and Dustgate (vertical stripes). Contact us for an accurate estimate.

What to do with a broken MacBook?

Contact us for an accurate estimate. We repair Apple MacBook models deemed irreparable by other workshops.

What does the MacBook battery service / maintenance include?

For battery service/maintenance, fill out the contact form. We order the appropriate battery (provide serial number and model) and schedule an appointment for express service. The cleaning/battery replacement takes about an hour.

What is Dustgate? Can Dustgate be repaired?

Dustgate is a problem that occurs in almost all MacBook models from 2016 onwards, manifesting as vertical or sometimes horizontal stripes on the screen. Interestingly, it almost never happens with MacBook Air. We offer professional repair for this issue. This repair is a better and cheaper solution than buying a new third-party display.

images/MacBook Pro Dustgate.png
What is Flexgate? Is it also repairable?

Flexgate is a problem that occurs in some MacBook models, resulting in faulty screen backlighting. We offer professional repair for this issue. We solve the problem with a lifetime warranty.

What warranty do you offer after the repair?

We offer a 12-month warranty compared to Apple's 90 days. Failures during the warranty period will have parts replaced free of charge, except for material costs. Overlooked Mac issues will be fixed free of charge.

Do you also sell accessories for MacBooks?

No, we do not sell accessories for MacBooks. We focus on repairing Apple MacBooks and do not offer sales services.

Do you offer repairs for older Mac models?

Yes, we offer repairs for a variety of MacBook models, including older versions. Contact us with device details for availability and service options.

Can or should I back up my data before sending my MacBook for repair?

Yes, data should be backed up before repair. We do not take responsibility for data loss. If the hard drive needs to be wiped, the technician will contact you.

What should I do if water is spilled on a MacBook?

Immediately shut down the MacBook, disconnect the power adapter, turn it upside down to let the water drain, and leave it open to dry. Call us and bring the device by so we can deactivate the battery. Of course, this service is free. Every MacBook has a built-in battery that powers the device even when turned off. The faster the battery is disconnected, the higher the chances of the device surviving the damage. NEVER SHAKE THE DEVICE, as this distributes the water inside and causes further damage. Do not transport it until at least visible water has dried.

Do you also offer software support or software issue solutions?

Yes, we assist with Apple software issues, including operating system errors, crashes, virus, and malware removal. Contact us for more information.

How long does the battery replacement typically take?

The average duration of a battery replacement is 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the Mac model and replacement complexity. If needed, we also replace thermal paste and clean the device/fans. For older MacBook Air Series (A1466), battery replacement takes less than 5 minutes.

Do you also offer repair services outside of business hours?

Yes, we offer emergency repair services outside of regular business hours. Contact us if needed.

Can I bring in my MacBook for repair even if it's no longer under warranty?

Yes, we also repair Apple MacBooks outside of warranty. Our technician team specializes in a variety of issues.

Do you also offer upgrades for older Mac models?

Yes, we offer upgrades for older models, including RAM and SSD upgrades. Contact us for available upgrade options.

How can I ensure my personal data is protected during the repair?

We recommend backing up your MacBook and removing personal data. We treat your data confidentially and with caution during the repair service.

Can I bring my MacBook for repair without scheduling an appointment?

We recommend scheduling an appointment to avoid waiting times. However, you can also drop by during opening hours, and we will assist you.

How can I ensure that my repair is of high quality?

We use high-quality replacement parts and perform repairs to high standards. All repairs come with a warranty.

Do you also repair Mac Mini, iMac, Mac Pro?

Yes, we also repair Mac Mini, iMac, and Mac Pro. Contact us for more information.

Do you also offer repairs for iPad or iPhone?

No, we do not offer repairs for iPad or iPhone except for data recovery. We specialize in Mac and MacBook repairs. However, we can recommend where you can find help for your iPad or iPhone.

Do you also offer specialized repairs for specific Mac models?

Yes, we offer specialized repairs for Apple rarity models. We also have experience with Apple development/pre-production devices such as iPod, Apple Watch Prototype, or DTK (Apple Silicon Transition Kit).